Cezet BC 8285 HS hardener, standard – 1 – 5 litre

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Due to its special modification, this hardener has a quick reaction which shortens the drying time.

BC 8285 HS hardener is also suitable for spot repairs at temperatures> 35 ºC or total repairs at temperatures between 18-25 ºC. This product is very moisture sensitive.

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A universally applicable high quality 2K high solid curing agent based on special aliphatic isocyanates. This product has been specially developed to provide quick drying.
The great advantage of this hardener is a uniform drying time at temperatures of 15 to 25 degrees and an excellent shelf life. The hardener has a shelf life of at least 2 years in a properly sealed package.
Volume: 1 and 5 litre
This hardener is used in combination with our clearcoat BC 8150 HS, this is also available in our webshop, see  BC 8150

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