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Filmbacking sanding paper

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The filmbacking sandpaper 15 holes green is one of the best of its kind.
The polyester substratum gives the sand disk the right strength. This combined with a high abrasion resistance and dimensional stability will lead to an optimal operating life. Because of its strength it will not rip whenever you come in contact with a sharp edge and/or a part which sticks out. Ripping is a frequent problem with paper discs. Because of the in an equal way applied abrasive (one of the sharpest aluminum oxide grain) you will get the best abrasive result. This will give you, in comparison with other competitive products a 2 to 2 times quicker abrasive result. The specially applied anti clogging layer prevents that the material fills up too quickly.
De combination of the above mentioned factors will result in a minimum two times quicker abrasive result and a disc that will last three times longer compared to any other sand paper. Because we buy directly from the manufacturer and we cut and pack everything ourselves, we can offer you this material against very competitive prices.


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