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Premium pro spray Overall



The Premium pro Spray Overall is a disposable coverall that protects yourself and your clothes while spraying car paint and paint. This disposable spray overall is a cheap overall that still has a high quality. This economical spray overall meets the strictest EU requirements, is tear-resistant, dust-free, lint-free and resistant to chemicals and solvents. Produced according to EEC directive 89 / 686art 8.3
This disposable spray overall from Cezet is a spacious overall that offers enough freedom of movement. This makes this spray overall ideal for spraying in the spray booth. This coverall has a hood, zipper and closes the arms and legs well.
The Premium PRO disposable spray overall is available in 4 sizes
• Medium (46-48)
• Large (50-52)
• Extra large (54-56)
• Extra, extra large (58-62)

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Medium (46-48), Large (50-52), Extra large (54-56), Extra, extra large (58-62)